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Arts And Crafts | The Bead Shop

With over 1,000 types of beads to choose from, and different high quality wires, all at low prices, you can...

Jewelry Making  | The Bead Shop

We offer a variety of classes that teach you how to make rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

Bead Store  | The Bead Shop

We have an ever-changing inventory of over 1,000 different shapes and materials of beads. This includes...

Known as the only bead store in Norfolk, we sell a wide variety of these items for less! Contact us today for more information!

Welcome To The Bead Shop

Our Mission

The Bead Shop has been helping customers for 35 years become inspired to utilize their creativity to make beautiful products out of the highest quality materials.

• Arts and Crafts: Because you can buy one bead or a thousand beads, we can help you with any craft you need. We also have numerous classes that can teach you how to create jewelry or various other arts and crafts. We even offer work tables so you can work on your own projects in our inspirational and helpful environment.

• Jewelry Making: Wire- and bead-jewelry making classes are available at only $10 for instructions and the price of the supplies. For such a low price, learning for yourself how to make the beautiful pieces on display in the store is an exciting and worthwhile way to spend your time.

• Bead Store: We buy our high quality products at wholesale, so we’re able to bring you the best prices around. On top of that, we have exceptionally stunning beads and wire to make breathtaking jewelry and crafts. Our products include glass beads, semi-precious stones, seashells, sea glass, and much more.

Quote for contact info: Call one of our friendly staff members at (866) 491-4512 to find out how The Bead Shop can help you with your next beading or wire project today.

Our goal is to bring you the very best quality materials to make gorgeous jewelry and crafts for the lowest prices. We do this by buying materials wholesale so we can offer it to you at lower prices than we would be able to otherwise.

We also want to help you learn how to execute different techniques for making beautiful jewelry and crafts by offering weekly evening classes at low prices. We also just came out with a new DVD to teach our customers how to create four amazing and easy wire wrapping projects.